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  1. I was actully active derek instead of playing minecfart for 2 hours strait.I went biking with my dad and little brother and I walked to the park with my cousins instead of being cooped up inside all day.

  2. My March Break wasn’t the most eventful, but it did satisfy me. I’m pretty nervous for tomorrow but I wish all the other speech presenters good luck!

  3. My march break wasn’t too exciting . I didn’t do much, just went to friend’s and stayed at home . School feels like its flying by quickly :$

  4. I know! I can’t believe march break is already over! Oh, yeah! Good luck to all the people who are presenting their speeches tomorrow! I’m super nervous! I didn’t think I would be one of the people who got picked so I didn’t practice my speech over march break. Wish me luck!

  5. My March Break was mainly just stayiing home, it was kind of boring. I know that I am late to post so don’t keep on saying that. And everyone who presented today did great! 😀

  6. My March Break was had its active days, also had its not-active days, and had some so-so days. However, overall, it was pretty good. Could’ve been longer.

  7. my cea article

    Pink-haired student invited back to U.S. school

    Delaware middle school student Brianna Moore stands in front of the mirror with pink hair at her residence in Newark, Delaware March 20, 2012. A U.S. school that barred a sixth grader after she dyed her hair pink with her parents’ blessing to celebrate her good grades lifted its ban on Tuesday following an outcry from civil rights advocates.

    After missing three days of classes, pink-haired Brianna Moore headed back to Shue-Medill Middle School in Newark, Delaware, on Tuesday after administrators reversed their decision after a call from the Delaware branch of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU).

    “We’re on our way right now,” said Kevin Moore as he drove his 12-year-old daughter to school.

    At his daughter’s request last week, he helped dye her hair a shade called crimson storm, which has a pink hue, as a reward for improving her grades.

    But when she showed up for school the next day, she was sent home and told not to return until her hair met school policy mandating a “natural color, brown, blond, black, natural red/auburn.”

    The ACLU soon got in touch with attorneys for the school district and asked, “Don’t you think this is unconstitutional?” said Kathleen MacRae, ACLU executive director in Delaware.

    Moore was invited back to school with assurances she would not be punished, said Wendy Lapham, school district spokeswoman.

    “The hair is not going to be an issue,” Lapham said.

    • Reflection:
      I feel that this is unacceptable for the school to suspend her from school because of her hair colour. That is just like suspending someone because of their race, sex or culture but almost worse as this was a choice of the parent not of the school/teachers. The school should be sued or reported to the nearest district board.

  8. Pink-haired student invited back to U.S. school 28


    First posted: Tuesday, March 20, 2012 07:18 PM EDT | Updated: Tuesday, March 20, 2012 07:23 PM EDT

    Delaware middle school student Brianna Moore stands in front of the mirror with pink hair at her residence in Newark, Delaware March 20, 2012. (REUTERS/Tim Shaffer)
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    A U.S. school that barred a sixth grader after she dyed her hair pink with her parents’ blessing to celebrate her good grades lifted its ban on Tuesday following an outcry from civil rights advocates.

    After missing three days of classes, pink-haired Brianna Moore headed back to Shue-Medill Middle School in Newark, Delaware, on Tuesday after administrators reversed their decision after a call from the Delaware branch of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU).

    “We’re on our way right now,” said Kevin Moore as he drove his 12-year-old daughter to school.

    At his daughter’s request last week, he helped dye her hair a shade called crimson storm, which has a pink hue, as a reward for improving her grades.

    But when she showed up for school the next day, she was sent home and told not to return until her hair met school policy mandating a “natural color, brown, blond, black, natural red/auburn.”

    The ACLU soon got in touch with attorneys for the school district and asked, “Don’t you think this is unconstitutional?” said Kathleen MacRae, ACLU executive director in Delaware.

    Moore was invited back to school with assurances she would not be punished, said Wendy Lapham, school district spokeswoman.

    “The hair is not going to be an issue,” Lapham said.

  9. My diagnosis for my arm: Possibly broken elbow, in a BRIGHT lime green cast. Feel guilty my mom was helping me wash my hair then tripped and fell so now she broke her foot. 🙁

  10. Prannoy CEA

    PRISTINA, KOSOVO—A Toronto man paid $105,000 for a kidney transplant in a Kosovo clinic after being told he could wait up to 12 years for a similar operation in Canada.

    “I was asked to shave and injected with what I believe was a form of anesthetic,” Raul Fain, a 66-year-old investment consultant, told court, recalling the 2008 operation in which he received the kidney of a 45-year-old woman from Siberia.

    “After about 15 minutes I was wheeled into the operating room,” Fain said. “I was kind of half asleep already, but I remember it was dark and it was cold. I was lying down on a very, very narrow bed.”

    Fain testified via video link from Toronto before a panel of three judges in Pristina presiding over the trial of seven Kosovars suspected of involvement in an international organ-trafficking network. Kosovo law forbids the removal and transplant of organs.

    Fain’s involvement in the case was first made public by the Star in January. The trial began in October and is expected to last several months.

    In his testimony, Fain said he paid the money to an Israeli citizen to organize the transplant. Fain is not charged in the case, but is a witness against alleged organizers of an international organ trafficking network.

    “He was an impressive witness,” prosecutor Jonathan Ratel told the Star in an interview after the testimony. Ratel, the European Union’s special prosecutor in charge of the case, said Fain’s testimony was “fair and candid.”

    Fain told court he was first met in Istanbul by Israeli national Moshe Harel, who allegedly organized the transplant, and flown to Kosovo together with an elderly German man also seeking a kidney and two Russian women prepared to each donate one.

    The Toronto man said the Russian donors appeared to be between 30 and 40 years old and were busy shopping at the main airport in Istanbul. Upon arrival in Pristina, they were taken in separate cars to the clinic and into separate rooms, he said.

    Fain identified photos of a building as the Medicus Clinic in Pristina where the operation was done in June 2008.

    Prosecutor Ratel has said the Russian women were just two of some 20 foreign nationals “recruited with false promises of payments” in 2008.

    Victims were promised up to $20,000, while kidney recipients were required to pay between $105,000 and $132,000, according to Ratel. It is unknown what, if any, funds were received by the donor women. The women have not been located.

    Court heard that alleged middleman Harel and Turkish Dr. Yusuf Sonmez, who allegedly performed the operations, remain at large and are being sought by EU prosecutors in charge of the case.

    Fain testified Friday that Sonmez introduced himself before the operation and visited him every day while he was at the clinic, in the room he shared with the German man.

    “The discussion was about the state of my health. He said there were encouraging signs that the transplant was successful,” Fain said.

    Fain spent five days recovering at the clinic before flying back to Canada. He said his recovery was “uneventful and faster than expected.”

    He said he saw the two Russian women at the clinic but did not talk with them.

    “I encountered them in the hallway of the clinic. They appeared to be walking, like me,” Fain said.

    Asked by the prosecution if he had received one of their kidneys, Fain said: “I believe so.”

    The case began with indictments in November 2010. The trial is providing a stark look at a crime network that allegedly organized organ transplants and included criminals from countries such as Kosovo, Moldova, Ukraine, Turkey, Russia and Israel.

    Ratel said Fain’s testimony helped “crystallize issues that have been outstanding for some time.” He said Russian authorities were withholding evidence and access to crucial witnesses and at least three injured parties.

    “These three persons have been located, identified and provided statements to investigative authorities within the Russian Federation,” Ratel said, stressing that Russian authorities did not respond to requests for legal assistance from the EU rule of law mission in Kosovo.

    Although it is illegal to buy organs in Canada, no Canadian law prevents citizens from purchasing body parts abroad, despite several attempts in Parliament to curb the practice.

    In Canada, more than 3,300 people are on waiting lists for a kidney transplant — many of them lingering there for several years and several hundred dying each year before they get an organ.

  11. Reflection

    This article made me think a lot of about organs and different types of diseases. If people need an extra kidney, everyone else has two so that isn’t so serious. You can just go to a doctor and get approval. But things like hearts and lungs and one time only organs are very hard to get. The person has to be first of all dead and second of all willing to give their organs. So I can understand where this man is coming from. I don’t get why he didn’t go to a doctor. He just knew that he couldn’t buy any organs in Canada so he bought them abroad (specifically Israel). I knew this man would pay any amount of money to cure his health. He paid around 120,000 dollars even though the donors were only promised 20,000. Where did the rest of the 100,000 dollars go? Nobody knows but it probably went to the man who organized this whole thing. This is a scam and it must be stopped.

  12. Guess I’m a little late, here’s my article:

    Jupiter is melting, scientists say

    Written By Brian Jacobsmeyer
    Published March 22, 2012
    Inside Science News Service
    Forsetius / flickr
    Jupiter might be having a change of heart. Literally.
    New simulations suggest that Jupiter’s rocky core has been liquefying, melting, and mixing with the rest of the planet’s innards. With this new data, astronomers hope to better explain a recent puzzling discovery of a strange planet outside of our solar system.
    “It’s a really important piece of the puzzle of trying to figure out what’s going on inside giant planets,” said Jonathan Fortney, a planetary scientist at the University of California Santa Cruz who was not affiliated with the research.
    Conventional planetary formation theory has modeled Jupiter as a set of neat layers with a gassy outer envelope surrounding a rocky core consisting of heavier elements. But increasing evidence has indicated that the insides of gas giants like Jupiter are a messy mixture of elements without strictly defined borders.
    This new research on a melting Jovian core bolsters a mixing model of gas giant planets and would provide another avenue for heavier elements to flow throughout the planet.
    “People have been working on the assumption that these planets are layered because it’s easier to work on this assumption,” said Hugh Wilson, a planetary scientist at the University of California Berkeley and a coauthor of the new research appearing in Physical Review Letters.
    Although scientists had previously toyed with the idea of melting cores in large planets, nobody sat down and did the necessary calculations, said Wilson.
    Scientists have to rely on calculations of Jupiter’s core environment because the conditions there are far too extreme to recreate on Earth. Wilson and his UC-Berkeley colleague Burkhard Militzer used a computer program to simulate temperatures exceeding 7,000 degrees Celsius and pressures reaching 40 million times the air pressure found on Earth at sea level.
    Those conditions are thought to be underestimates of the actual conditions inside Jupiter’s core. Nonetheless, the authors found that magnesium oxide — an important compound likely found in Jupiter’s core — would liquefy and begin drifting into Jupiter’s fluid upper envelope under these relatively tame conditions.
    Researchers believe that similarly-sized gas giant exoplanets — planets found outside of our solar system — probably have similar internal structures to Jupiter. Consequently, scientists were baffled earlier this year when they found a planet with approximately the same volume as Jupiter yet four to five times more mass.
    Called CoRoT-20b, the new planet was announced in February, and its discoverers searched for a suitable explanation for its unusual density. Using conventional models, the astronomers calculated that the core would have to make up over half of the planet. For comparison, Jupiter’s core only represents about between 3-15 percent of the planet’s total mass.
    With a core that large, CoRoT-20b presented a huge problem for traditional assumptions surrounding planet formation.
    “It’s much easier to explain the composition of this planet under a model where you have a mixed interior,” said Wilson.
    Even the team that discovered the planet noted that a mixing model could allow for a more palatable planet density. Wilson’s simulations not only add credence to the mixing model of giant planets but also suggest that this specific exoplanet’s core is probably melting just like Jupiter’s.
    This melting may help explain why the exoplanet’s heavy elements are likely stirred up and distributed throughout its volume, said Wilson.
    Santa Cruz’s Fortney agrees that most of the exoplanet’s heavy elements likely reside in the outer envelope. Nonetheless, he expects other factors played a larger role in how the planet’s interior became mixed: “It’s more of a planet formation issue.”
    Several other events, such as two gas giants colliding together, might explain the ultra-high density of this new planet, Wilson admits. Certain processes may also limit the effectiveness of the melting and mixing process.
    Liquefied parts of a gas giant’s core may have trouble reaching the outer envelope due to double diffusive convection — a process commonly found in Earth’s oceans. When salty water accumulates at the bottom of the ocean, its density keeps it from mixing thoroughly with the upper layers. In a similar fashion, the heavy elements in Jupiter’s core may have trouble gaining enough energy to move upward and outward.
    Scientists don’t know how much this hindrance will affect potential mixing inside Jupiter, and many other questions remain to be answered about the melting process.
    “The next question is, ‘How efficient is this process?'” said Fortney.
    Researchers will have more tools to answer this question once NASA’s Juno probe reaches Jupiter in 2016. With the spacecraft’s instruments carefully analyzing Jupiter’s composition, Wilson believes that there will be signatures of mixing and core erosion.

  13. And my reflection:

    I think that this doesn’t really matter to us right now. It’s a good thing that we are being aware of our surroundings but we should try to take care of our OWN planet before we take care of other planets. We should still focus on other planets because the whole Jupiter is melting thing may happen to us one day. Besides, Earth will end one day which is something that we are all aware of but it won’t be ending anytime soon. We should keep on researching about other planets and galaxies but we should mainly focus on Earth and how to keep Earth a wonderful place to live in. Earth is crumbling as the years pass with all of the littering and pollution. We must keep all of this to a minimum to take care of Earth. Earth is a place where we all live in so we should all take care of it.

  14. My article

    NDP leadership: Thomas Mulcair is new leader of federal New Democrats
    Published On Sat Mar 24 2012Email Print(30) Rss ArticlePhotos (6)Comments (30)
    New NDP leader Thomas Mulcair, left, and his wife Catherine Pinhas applaud after Mulcair won the contest to become party leader in Toronto on Saturday.

    Bruce Campion-Smith and Joanna Smith
    Ottawa Bureau

    NDP makes the right bet on Mulcair
    Hébert: The allure of power proved irresistible
    Walkom: Will Mulcair’s NDP back Air Canada strikers? It should
    How Thomas Mulcair won the NDP leadership
    Voting delays caused by ‘outside interference’
    New Democrats take the safe road with Thomas Mulcair
    Nathan Cullen the loser who gained the most
    Brian Topp falls short in bid to lead New Democrats
    Thomas Mulcair, who campaigned on a promise to bring the federal New Democrats to the centre of Canadian politics in a strategy to win government, is now at the helm of Canada’s official opposition.

    Mulcair, 57, took the leadership Saturday night in fourth ballot run-off, watching his initial lead grow round-by-round to best his chief rival Brian Topp, a backroom party strategist who fell short in his bid to vault into the political spotlight despite strong support from the party establishment.

    It was an historic moment, the first time the federal NDP has chosen the leader of the Official Opposition, thanks to their record showing in the general election last year.

    After the announcement of the voting results, Mulcair made his way through a crush of supporters, who had endured a marathon day of voting, and took the stage where he joined the six other leadership candidates he had beaten for the post.

    He thanked the team that had helped to win and then laid out the challenge ahead — building supporters to unseat the Conservatives in the 2015 election.

    “Our party must go outside its traditional base to unite all progressive forces under the NDP banner,” Mulcair said to applause from the convention floor, which by the time he spoke was emptier than it had been earlier in the day. “We are looking to unite progressives, but we will not do it by sacrificing the unity of our country.”

    He accused the Stephen Harper’s government of appealing to fear, stoking division and “leaving the tab for our expenses to our grandchildren.”

    “If the policies of the current government are not challenged if not changed, the next generation will be the first in our history to inherit a lower standard of living than that of its parents,” Mulcair said.

    For New Democrats, the dream of basking in the crowing of a leader to replace the late Jack Layton at what was by far the biggest and most closely watched leadership convention in party history was badly overshadowed by computer woes.

    Members faced long line-ups for voting stations at the convention in Toronto and many more took to social media to complain about being unable to vote online, with party brass — after pleading for patience — eventually charging that they had been victims of a deliberate cyber attack.

    The time between each round of ballots, originally scheduled to last about two hours, stretched on for four hours and more, pushing the announcement of the winner into the late evening, long after audiences at home had already switched to watching the hockey game.

    Brad Lavigne, the principal secretary to the leader of the official opposition, blamed the delays on deliberate attempts to tie up electronic voting.

    “Somebody outside of the party was attempting to mess with our one-member, one vote but that the sanctity of our system was preserved because of the fail safes,” Lavigne told a swarm of reporters on the convention floor. “The only thing they were able to achieve was a little delay.”

    Party officials said later that they had isolated the attack to several IP addresses, but they did not reveal where they were located.

    The attack comes as Elections Canada is already probing complaints of electronic dirty tricks from the 2011 federal election, when so-called robocalls were used to try and steer voters in Guelph and other ridings to bogus polling stations.

    The technical headaches added to the drama of the lengthy day of voting to pick a new leader.

    A day after the party paid emotional tribute to Layton, who died of cancer last August after leading the NDP to a record 103 seats in the spring election, NDP members elected the man to replace him.

    They were not swayed by the eleventh-hour appeal of former federal leader and party legend Ed Broadbent, who issued a bitter-sounding warning that Mulcair had trouble getting along with others and would tack the party to the centre of the political spectrum at the expense of its social democratic roots.

    Indeed, in the end the bellicose deputy leader was the one smiling as members from all corners — including pre-2011 MPs who Broadbent suggested had steered clear of Mulcair due to fears over his leadership style — made their way to him.

    Mulcair had run a campaign based on the idea that achieving Official Opposition – while celebrated as a historic achievement for the party – was just a mathematical fact and that it would take a change in state of mind and method to turn those numbers into a real shot at government.

    Mulcair ran on his record, which includes three productive years as a progressive former environment minister from Quebec who quit cabinet rather than accepting a demotion for refusing to sign off on allowing developers into a provincial park, but also a proven ability to hold his own in debates.

    The policies he proposed were progressive but pragmatic enough to appeal to the general electorate, such as a cap-and-trade system to combat climate change without any talk about stopping the development of the oil sands.

    When Mulcair was declared winner, Topp stood up and applauded. In a brief statement to reporters, Topp said Mulcair will be an excellent leader and was legitimately elected.

    “He has my entire support,” said Topp, who joined Mulcair on stage.

    Soon after he left, Erin Sikora, a Topp supporter, walked towards the centre of the room to listen to Mulcair’s speech.

    “Obviously I wanted (Topp) to win but now we have a new leader and it’s time to rally behind him,” she said.

    The process of smoothing over leadership divisions gets underway Sunday when MPs will gather for their first caucus meeting with Mulcair as leader.

    Mulcair came out of the gates strong with 30.3 per cent of the vote on the first ballot and tightened his hold with each subsequent ballot.

    The field was whittled to four after the first ballot results — last-place finisher Niki Ashton was knocked out, Paul Dewar, in fifth place, dropped out as did Nova Scotia pharmacist Martin Singh, who immediately backed Mulcair.

    On the second round, a disappointed Toronto MP Peggy Nash was knocked out, leaving Topp, Mulcair and B.C. MP Nathan Cullen.

    The surprise strong showing by the Cullen – who survived three rounds of voting—was seen as much of an endorsement by the grassroots of his proposals to form alliances with Liberals and Greens to defeat the Conservatives as it was of his charismatic personality.

    While some thought the controversial idea would kill Cullen’s popularity, he instead mounted a surprisingly strong campaign that saw him raise a lot of money and finish third.

    “That we were not dead on arrival with this says something about the state of progressive politics,” said veteran party strategist Jamey Heath, who was Cullen’s campaign co-chair.

    “What’s happened here is that New Democrats are certainly open to having a respectful conversation about cooperation. People, whether they like it or not, believe it’s a conversation the party should have,” he said.

    “Nathan deserves enormous credit for being brave enough to do it,” he said.

    With files from Richard J. Brennan, Niamh Scallan, Josh Tapper and Laura Stone

  15. My reflection

    I think this just might be a good opritunety for the NDP because the elections are coming back and last time they didnt win so this time the probaly could win because he could be good. Last time the people who voted for NDP are way more exited for the new leader of NDP. This time NDP just might win instead of libral or conservitive.

  16. Here is my article:

    T.O. breaks one temperature record, flirts with another

    Toronto has already broken one temperature record and my beat another by the end of the day.

    At 2 pm the temperature at Pearson international airport was at 24.5 C, breaking a 74 year old record for this date.

    The warmest March day ever recorded was March 28, 1945, when the temperature hit 25.6 C at a weather station at the airport.

    Weather records have been shattered in dozens of Ontario communities during an unusual warm spell, as people have flocked to bar and restaurant patios, gold courses, parks, beaches and other outdoor spaces.

    But after weeks of warm temperatures that have been more than double or triple normal figures, the weather is expected to return to normal early next week, at least for a couple weeks.

    After a high 16 C on Friday, rain is possible on Saturday and Sunday along with highs of 10 C and 14 C, respectively.

    In its long term fore-cast Environment Canada is predicting a high of 7 C and low of 1 C for Monday, and a high of 9 C and low of -2 CC.

  17. And here is my reflection:

    This year of 2012, it seems that the weather is flipping constantly. One week, we are expected to wear jackets, and the next we’re wearing shorts. But now, the temperature it extremely high for this time of year. It feels like every year gets warmer and warmer. Somewhat, like a few years ago, there was so, so, so much snow. This year, we barely got any. In the future, Canada might not even have any snow. Also, with the upcoming weather, people who have jobs where they have to shovel the snow or something, don’t have them anymore. If you think about it, this could happen. Remember when you were just a kid, say around 5 years old, there was snow everywhere. Snow here, there, everywhere. And look now. Or maybe, it might be the opposite. With the flipping weather, there might always be snow and no summer. I once read a comic, where a stick man was in the hot tub and he turned up the heat by 1 C every 30 minutes for his body to adjust. He kept repeating this process for a long time. In the final panel, it showed him in a volcano and not feeling anything. This might actually be the case, our bodies might have to adjust to different circumstances due to the upcoming crazy, flipping weather. Do want a world like this, or a world that’s balanced. Think about it

  18. http://www.680news.com/news/local/article/344129–provincial-officials-ready-to-go-ahead-with-transit-expansion-in-the-city

    My article is about provincial officials in Toronto are ready for the new light-rail transit plans, and with 8.4 billion dollars on hand for funding, they probably aren’t backing down any time soon. Now, they just need the council to vote, and if they think it’s a good idea, it’ll be passed and the Light-Rail Transits will be built.

    I, personally think that this can be looked at as good or bad. I think it’s good, because of the fact that for people who take the GO Train to work in Toronto and don’t live in Toronto wouldn’t have to walk to work after getting off of the train, but rather hitching a ride on the transit and getting to work that way, with little to no walking. It’s also good for people who can’t afford a car, and would have to walk to work all day, so it would also have little to no walking. It can be looked as bad because it means that people who DO have cars have less space on the roads, and have to be more vigilant, as people have to see if there’s a large transit bus riding up behind them.

    I also think this could imply a few things, too. Some things would be that it means that, like stated above, is better for the people who have to walk or can’t use a car. Another thing would be that it could increase more traffic, as the lanes would be smaller and rather than having 3 lanes, it would only be 2, making it more squishy. Furthermore, it implies that all of the people laid off from their previous transit jobs could be re-hired as a transit driver again, obviously increasing jobs, which is good. However, I don’t really think this would apply very much to us, as we live in Brampton, and this plan is all the way up in Toronto.

  19. The Ontario Human Rights Tribunal has made a groundbreaking decision to examine the racial makeup of the Peel District School Board.

    Lawyers for vice-principal Ranjit Khatkur have argued in preliminary hearings that her race and cultural background played a role in the board’s decision to overlook her for promotion to principal on a number of occasions.

    It was noted that in 2007-08, only five of 235 principals — 2 per cent — in the board were South Asian, while close to 30 per cent of Peel Region was South Asian.

    In a recent interim decision, the human rights tribunal said systemic discrimination will be investigated as part of Khatkur’s case, pending any further submissions by both parties.

    The board’s lawyer had argued Khatkur’s complaint should be treated as an individual case, while her lawyers presented evidence of systemic discrimination within the board.

    “The Human Rights Legal Support Centre (which is handling Khatkur’s application) will continue to argue that this is a case of systemic discrimination and not simply one individual’s experience,” said Jennifer Ramsay, a spokeswoman for the centre.

    Peel school board director Tony Pontes said the decision is not a final judgment but simply a ruling on how the case will proceed. “This should not be interpreted as a judgment.”

    Khatkur, a vice-principal for more than 10 years and currently at Heart Lake Secondary School in Brampton, said she is encouraged by the interim decision.

    “What I have always wanted is a proper hearing of the evidence. I believe systemic discrimination exists and was a major factor that affected my career. Obviously, the board thinks otherwise and they will also have the chance to prove their position. The tribunal has now decided that the evidence should come forward.”

    The Peel board may now have to present its own statistics on its racial composition.

    The decision leaves open the possibility of dropping the systemic aspect from the case if further evidence does not support it.

  20. Here is my reflection. Right under the words you are reading now. There.

    My article is about vice-principal Ranjit Khatkur and her request to be promoted to principal was overlooked because, to her beliefs, she is south-asian. This event led to Khatkur going to court with the school board because she thought they were discriminating. The Ontario Human Rights Tribunal has decided to examine the racial makeup of the Peel District School Board, and have found out that out of the 30% of south asian people living in Peel, only 2% of the Peel school board’s 235 principals are south asian. This, she believes might be linked to discrimination. What I think is, there are two sides of the story. What Khatkur might believe to be discrimination could be just facts. Canada is a great country, and there is a topic that has been discussed in all Peel schools: Racism. With the board stressing that discrimination is not right, would they really go and refuse Khatkur because of her skin colour? This would make the director of education, and the board as a whole look bad. The cause of them refusing might be about experience, not her skin colour. Inside schools, there is seldom any racism, so I would think that the thought of it existing within the board would be far-fetched.

  21. Here is my article! Sorry it’s kinda boring. It was the first one I saw.

    Hunger games shows how Hollywood under- appreciates audiences’ acceptance of female action heroes.
    Published On Mon Mar 26 2012

    Hunger Games merchandise is widely available in the marketplace as Lionsgate has unlatched the floodgates on a tidal wave of licensed goods. Stocks in companies with a stake in Hunger games also rose in Monday trading.
    Lawrence K. Ho/MCT
    Bloomberg News
    Lions Gate Entertainment Corp.’s $155 million (U.S.) opening-weekend haul for The Hunger Games proved female action heroes can attract big audiences, and may inspire Hollywood to make more films with female leads.
    The movie, made for about $80 million, generated the third- biggest opening weekend ever, researcher Box Office Mojo said. That puts it ahead of such venerable fan-boy material as Spider-Man 3, which went on to gross $336.5 million in the U.S. and Canada, both Iron Man pictures and every other film but The Dark Knight and the last Harry Potter.
    The Hunger Games, which set a record as the biggest opening ever for a non-sequel, illustrates how Hollywood under- appreciates audiences’ acceptance of female action heroes, according to Phil Contrino, editor of researcher Boxoffice.com.
    “People were hungry for something like this,” Contrino said in an interview. “Now everyone will be looking for the next Hunger Games instead of every male-driven, Will Smith action film,” he said, referring to the star of Independence Day and Men in Black.
    The Hunger Games may go on to capture $400 million domestically, according to Contrino.
    The movie, which stars 21-year-old Jennifer Lawrence as an arrow-slinging killing machine, sold $59 million of tickets outside the U.S. and Canada, and was first in almost all of its 67 markets, Vancouver-based Lions Gate said yesterday in a statement.
    Lions Gate’s shares rose 3.7 per cent to $15.06 at 9:30 a.m. in New York. The stock had advanced 75 per cent this year before today.
    The film is based on the 2008 young-adult novel with 11 million copies in print, according to its publisher, Scholastic Corp.
    The story takes place in a post-apocalyptic North America and revolves around children who are forced to fight to the death on live television for the benefit of a wealthy ruling class. The author, Suzanne Collins, said she sought to write a book that both sexes would want to read.
    “Whenever I write a story, I hope it appeals to both boys and girls,” Collins said in an interview published on Scholastic’s website. “But maybe in its simplest form, it’s having a female protagonist in a gladiator story, which traditionally features a male. It’s an unexpected choice.”
    In marketing the movie, Lions Gate sought to draw in a broad audience, according to David Spitz, executive vice president of distribution for Lions Gate.
    “This is a huge number,” Spitz said in an interview. “You don’t get to $155 million without solid support from everybody.”
    The company, run from Santa Monica, California, didn’t market the film as a romance, even though two male characters are attracted to the film’s heroine, Katniss Everdeen.
    A film poster, for example, features a gender-neutral image of a burning pin worn by Everdeen. The movie’s trailer focuses on a scene in which she steps up to replace her younger sister in the deadly combat.
    Commercials for the picture aired on programs popular with men, such as college basketball tournaments, as well as with young women, such as CBS Corp. and Time Warner Inc.’s CW network, Spitz said.
    Over the first weekend, theatergoers were 61 per cent female and 56 per cent over age 25, Lions Gate said a statement. That compares with an audience for The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1, from Summit Entertainment, that was 80 per cent female and 60 per cent older than 21, according to Spitz.
    Spitz said he expects the distribution of male-female viewers for The Hunger Games will even out as word-of-mouth spreads that the movie isn’t just for women.
    Summit, purchased in January, brought Lions Gate the final installment of Twilight, an additional draw for female audiences. The four teen-vampire movies to date have generated more than $2.5 billion (U.S.) in worldwide ticket sales, according to Box Office Mojo.
    The company plans as many as three sequels to The Hunger Games. The first one, Catching Fire, is slated for a November 2013 release. It’s possible each installment may generate as much as $400 million at the box office, estimates Matthew Harrigan, an analyst with Wunderlich Securities in Denver.
    Hollywood has also found that female stars can reach wide audiences in comedy. Bridesmaids, the raunchy romp starring Kristen Wiig and Maya Rudolph, was a surprise hit for Universal Pictures in May 2011, taking in $169 million in the U.S. and Canada.
    While Wiig has said there won’t be a sequel, Universal’s television network, NBC, has followed suit with shows such as NBC’s Up All Night, co-starring Rudolph. Wiig and Rudolph reunited for Friends With Kids, which has taken in $5.57 million for Lions Gate and its partner, Roadside Attractions, since March 9.
    For female action heroes, the hits have been sporadic since Sigourney Weaver lit up the screen in the first Alien in 1979 — showing how tricky it is to tune both the production and the marketing just right.
    Angelina Jolie’s Salt, made for an estimated $100 million, took in $118 million in the U.S. for Sony Corp. in 2010. The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, from Sony and Metro- Goldwyn-Mayer Inc., generated $102.5 million on a $90 million budget. MGM executives told investors on a conference call that the film lost money, the Los Angeles Times reported.
    Walt Disney Co.’s Pixar unit will put out its first animated feature with a female hero in June. Brave is the story of a Scottish princess who also excels at archery.
    “There’s always been a lack of strong female leads,” said Boxoffice.com’s Contrino. “Hollywood’s waking up to that.”

  22. And my reflection!

    Current Event Article Refelection
    This article is on the bestselling book and new movie, The Hunger Games.
    I think this article shows that people are attracted to the female hero. Normally in movies like this one, the main hero is a boy. Such as in: Spiderman 3, Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, etc.
    I think that this not only affects the entertainment industry but also in general how we treat each other. This choice of the author shows that girls can be heroes too. We are strong enough. And this is not just a book and movie, but a very popular one too. That not only says that it was a unique decision the author, but also a very successful one. According to Phil Contrino, editor of researcher Boxoffice.com, Hollywood under- appreciates audiences’ acceptance of female action heroes.
    This article also shows how much the public liked The Hunger Games and how big of a profit the movie made but I don’t want to go into too much detail because I know you can read it yourself.
    In conclusion, I think that this isn’t just a movie but something that shows people that girls can do things too

  23. Article:


    Falling glass has again disrupted street traffic in downtown Toronto.

    The glass fell from the 16th floor of a building at 180 Queen St. W. at around noon on Monday.

    Police from 52 Division have closed off a section of the busy street between University Avenue and St. Patrick Street to pedestrians, but are allowing vehicle traffic to go through. Police said mid-afternoon that it will probably take two to three hours until the glass is replaced and the roads are re-opened.

    Over the weekend the corner of Bay Street and Adelaide Street was closed after glass fell from the newly built Trump Tower.

    There were no injuries reported in either incident.

    Police from 52 Division said the working theory is that a bird cracked the glass and a sudden drop in temperatures caused the pane to break.

    But Doug Perovic, with the University of Toronto’s Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering, said there is likely more to it than that.

    “Birds shouldn’t be shattering tempered glass … so something else is not quite right,” he said.

    Ted Kesik, a professor of building science in the university’s Faculty of Architecture, said there are normally three variables when glass breaks — design, workmanship and materials — but that increasingly climate is an issue.

    However, he stressed that every incident is different and needs to be assessed individually.

    Experts at the CBC weather centre said in this case the climate should not have been a factor. The temperature drop was not exceptional and Chinook winds hit buildings much harder in Calgary.

  24. I guess my reflection goes here…
    We’re off to see the wizards!

    This article is about a new attraction making it’s way to London: the new “Warner Bros. Studio Tour London: The Making of Harry Potter” Basically, it is a tour of all of the sets that were used in all the films, narrated by Daniel Radcliffe (Harry) Emma Watson (Hermione)and Rupert Grint (Ron)!

    I find this interesting for all the fans (like myself) who were happy with the movies and want more! This is also interesting for others who want to experience something new, although it can be quite expensive at $43.50 per adult, $33 per child, and $129 for a family, it is still well worth the wait!

    This reminds me of the tour bus at Universal Studios (LA, USA) as it toured you around the many sets of amazing movies! Similarly, this tours you around the many sets of Harry Potter!

    This is a good way to give everyone a different experience and I highly recommend it. For more information, you can check out: http://www.wbstudiotour.co.uk

  25. And my reflection:
    I actually think this is quite funny, and slightly unrealistic that they think a bird could do that damage. As they mentioned, it was tempered glass, so not even I could break that (well I might, but I wouldn’t attempt it…). I do agree that it would be troublesome for the people driving down the streets of downtown, but it’s a solvable problem. Just put large nets on top of the city. Well, that’s not the best idea, but why make buildings out of glass? That’s just asking for birds to crash into them.
    If they’re that concerned, they should cover their buildings with something. Maybe plastic paint (that’s see-through, I might add). Maybe ask a graffiti writer to write a picture (That sounds odd. I’ll change it to draw a picture) of a hawk. I doubt birds will crash into glass after that. What’ll the companies to with hawks on their buildings? Well, it’s pretty, and at least their HQ will stand out a bit more.
    I also think it’s cool how they went so deep into the problem, to even find alternations in the weather. Even if it is a repeated accident, it is quite odd how birds can break through tempered glass, even to me. But they really should do something to prevent this, being hit on the head with glass isn’t exactly the happiest event….
    This actually does affect the community because [reading farther into the article] pedestrians would be too afraid of falling glass to go to down town, which would reduce business (well, the unprofessional kind) and result in a lower population visiting the many stores that happen to inhabit the area beside a nice large glass building.

  26. http://www.torontosun.com/2012/03/28/whos-to-blame-for-underage-drinking

    TORONTO – For parents of a teenager, it’s a recurring nightmare.

    It’s the weekend and with fake ID in hand, your kids have picked up their booze at the LCBO and headed off to a “pre-drink” at someone’s house. Suitably hammered, they then stop off at another friend for more shots. And still more. They then inform you that they’ll be sleeping out that night so you can’t check exactly what state they’re in.

    Of course they’re your responsibility. But you can lecture all you want about underage drinking, the dangers of binging, the importance of moderation. It goes in one ear and out the other. These kids believe they are invincible.

    Christopher Skinner is proof they are not.

    In June 2010, on the family room floor of a buddy’s Hamilton-area home, the brilliant Grade 12 grad with three part-time jobs and an acceptance to U of T died of acute alcohol poisoning. After consuming a 26-ounce bottle of rye and several beers earlier in the night, the 17-year-old went to Kyle Baron’s house where he chugged a five-ounce glass of screech rum. When Skinner collapsed, friends laid him out on the floor and in keeping with tradition, wrote profanity on his body with markers, duct taped his legs together, and after taking photos, left him to sleep it off. But the popular, guitar-playing, physics-loving teen would never wake up.

    Who’s to blame?

    His parents are now suing the homeowners, Doug and Wendy Baron, who testified at last month’s inquest that while they knew Skinner had passed out after drinking in their home — Wendy Baron had even written on the boy’s feet — they were too intoxicated themselves to check on him. The teen was found dead the next morning from nearly five times the legal alcohol limit in his lanky body.

    According to the Hamilton Spectator, the inquest heard the Barons were aware of the underage drinking but felt it was safer for their son to party at home than elsewhere. The $1.4-million lawsuit launched earlier this month will eventually determine whether they were negligent. The Barons have yet to file a defence, but according to the letter of the law, they did nothing illegal.

    Unlike other provinces, it’s not an offence in Ontario to permit underage drinking in your home as long as you’re not the one providing the booze. Your kids’ friends can be invited over to play beer pong until they all black out and as long as it was b.y.o.b., you aren’t running afoul of any law.

    Surely that has to change.

    Binge drinking is a serious problem. After a cultural shift, these teens have got the message about not drinking and driving — no one in my kids’ peer group would get behind the wheel of a car after a night of partying. But consuming to excess is another story. A 2011 report by the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health found that at least monthly, 22% of Ontario high school students are having five or more drinks in one sitting.

    For age and expense reasons, they aren’t doing it in a bar. Instead, they’re in someone’s basement — with or without the parents being home. If those adults knew they could be charged if the police happen by their door — whether for a noise complaint or worse, one of those drunken teens needing help — perhaps they’d no longer look the other way.

    After two weeks of testimony, the inquest jury looking into Skinner’s death believes just that. It has made 16 non-binding recommendations, including one that would fine or jail any adult who allows a minor who’s not their own child to drink alcohol in their home.

    At a press conference last week, Skinners’ parents welcomed the proposals but worried whether they will ever see the light of day.

    “We hope to see these changes implemented,” Christopher’s mother, Michelle Skinner, told reporters.

    “To me, it’s strange that we should have to do anything,” added the boy’s father, Brian. “You’d think that there would be somebody out there that’s already trying to make these things happen.”

    It’s already too late for their son — but hopefully not for others.

  27. I feel like this is just like letting them drink, just like saying as long as your parents aren’t home you can drink at your friends house until the point where you are poisioned and die. It’s just sick. Do parents really need their children to die and for their children to willing try because they’re curious.

  28. I feel like this is just like letting them drink, just like saying as long as your parents aren’t home you can drink at your friends house until the point where you are poisioned and die. It’s just sick. Do parents really need their children to die and for their children to willing try because they’re curious. Is it the friend’s fault or the government’s? The government hasn’t even made the law about that and while they’re at it make it illegal for them to consume it at all!

  29. ms.rumballinajelc was supposed to post wasn’t she?
    anyway…. I think we should have a class pet, what do u think, it can’t be something like a dog/spider (because of julia and prancy) maybe a HAMSTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    see ya

    • How did you post on April 2nd? Wait, the time zone, right?
      But I really don’t think Ms.R would post after midnight, so it looks like there wasn’t anything after all.

  30. (Sarcastic tone) No, I go to sleep at 6am, haven’t you learnt that this time zone is messed? And I do not sleep at 6am.

  31. Hey Guys! After I left school my mom took me to the doctor and the doctor said I felt sick because I got hit with a golf ball in the head at school today. He said I was OK if I wasn’t vomiting or if I fainted. He said that I still might have a small concussion. I will probably be at school tomorrow but my head still really hurts and I feel nausea. I fell asleep for 3 and a half hours. And also, do we have any homework? Even though I probably won’t be able to do it (because I’m having a hard time concentrating and reading) I just wanted to know if we had any homework.


    • Our homework was Chapter 7 for math and drawing the pictures for someone’s speech bubbles. And how did you get hit by a golfball?

  32. What is FRIDAY?????? That is the GOOD-BYE CASt DAY! ^ DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. I was just confuzed about what we have to make for the artifact. I have been very busy as you can see and I had to do it now. I am confuzed. Do we have to invent something or make something that already exists.

  34. BTW, People of the JELC, it is pronounced (Dess-per-oh) Desperaux and not (Dess-per-ah-toe) or (Dess-per-awks)





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