Frames 4

Today we learned a new program called Frames 4.  We sued this to create some very cool animations and slideshows about different persuasive topics.  Some of the things that we were trying to convince people were:

  • That we should have e-mail accounts
  • That Ironman is better than any other character
  • That schools should have lockers
  • That graffiti is a good thing
  • That teachers should use computers more.

Ovearll it was a great day and we cannot wait to work more on our animations and continue singing in music class.


23 thoughts on “Frames 4

  1. Working on Frames 4 has allowed the students to creatively design a persausive essay through annimation. The students are really enjoying themselves!

  2. Frames 4 is awesome! I’ve been working on a slideshow for why french fries are the greatest food on the planet. And I think it is a really great program to work on.

  3. It’s a really nice alternative to Microsoft’s Powerpoint and a useful one too! Too bad it’s only at school…
    (if you try to download it at home, there is a free trial but, the full thing will cost a lot)
    Had a lot of fun with the program!

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